It’s NaNoWriMo Time!


It’s nearly November…and that can mean only one thing!  No, not turkey dinners, and no, not snow…


Otherwise known as National Novel Writing Month, it’s when hundreds of thousands of people get together (literally and figuratively) to each write a 50,000 work novel!  This event has been around for fifteen years, now, and has grown each year.  Here’s a look at its history: Click Me.

I’ve participated for several years, but because of directing the school musicals I’ve missed the last two years.  I’m thrilled to be back participating, and once again, inviting students to volunteer to join me in the quest for the written novel.  At this writing, I have about six students from Panthers of the Pen (our school’s creative writing club)  signed on to join in the fun!

In the interests of full disclosure, I will admit, sadly, that I’ve never won the challenge (i.e. finished a novel), but I’ve had fun nonetheless.  And this year I’m going to do it.  No, seriously.  I am.  Talk to me November 30th at midnight…

I believe I will be writing a Young Adult novel that’s also a murder mystery.  I’m thinking some magical realism, as well, just for fun. We’ll see.