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Karla Olson is my name; Kj to some, Ms O to others, Jane Girl to my parents, Food Lady to my cats, Sweetie to my husband…

Teacher. Cat freak. Fan of tie-dye and Birks. Believes in laughter, irony, the power of ice cream, and topography. Traveler of doctors’ offices and hospitals. Will read Gaiman for food. Wants to be Laura Roslin when she grows up.

For the left-brained among us, I’m a high school English teacher, former Mock Trial coach, former Speech coach, living and teaching in East Central Minnesota.  I currently teach in a residential treatment center for teenaged boys, and it’s challenging plus the best job I’ve ever had!

I’m married, I have a houseful of cats, I love to play chess and Trivial Pursuit™ and just about any card game (known or unknown), I love politics and debate and social commentary,  mystery novels (literate) and all types of music (except modern Country) and literature (except for Victorian). I love the Twins and I’m learning about International futbol  (Go Loons!).I would travel non-stop if I had the money. Oh, and I try to knit and garden.

As of March 2020 (when I returned here after a five-year hiatus in blogging…), I’ve had three cancers in four years, plus a ridiculously long list of other medical conditions.  I’m writing a book.  Because it’s ridiculous, as mentioned.


  1. More links. More favorite stuph.

  2. I tend to peruse the AP listserv and came across a message and then linked to your blog. I enjoyed reading!
    Happy Sunday :o)

  3. Thank you much, Jasmine! The AP Listserv is a great resource…and not just for lesson plans! 🙂

  4. Karla,
    My name is Shannon Radel and my best memories of my childhood are from Elmwood Resort. I wanted to reach out to you and let you know how very special that place was for my whole family, but especially for me. I always wanted to let Leonard and Leone know that, but I never had the chance. I couldn’t even begin to tell you all the fond memories I have but just a quick few would be the potluck for the resort that happened once a year in the lawn outside the store, playing in the game room on rainy days, and at the end of the season Leonard would send us home with a bunch of the unsold candy from the store (OH what a treat that was!!!).
    That place was a haven for me and I still have dreams of walking around the resort, swimming, fishing, laying out on the dock like the “big kids” (and YOU were like an idol to me, I wanted to grow up to be just like you!), the fish cleaning house that my family spent countless hours in cleaning a million fish! Those summer days were the best and I recall them with a heart of joy and gratitude.

    • SHANNON!! I remember you so very well! OMG, I can’t believe you found me here! Oh, thank you soooo much for those memories. YOur family was just amazing, and we all loved you so much. I had so much fun playing with your brothers and talking with you! How are you? Where are you living? I want to hear all about it! Email me at karlaolson AT!

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