Deck of Cards, via Theo

Theo’s Blog Entry

let me tell you a little about my self, I am 14 years of age and, well if life were a deck of cards, most people have one random card and 51 normal cards.  My deck consists of 49 random cards, 1 normal card and well the rest are blank. so, whats your deck?

What a fantastic question.  Much more creative than most of the memes I get on MySpace, that’s for sure.  Theo’s an amazing kid–one of my 8th graders–who’s always coming up with fresh ideas and incredible figures of speech.

And I want to play this game!

What would I be…well, first of all, I’d have to have more than two jokers.  I’d have to be one of those decks that gives you three joker cards just in case you lose a card.

I’m absolutely a three-joker deck.

And, because I’m a bit, um, how shall I put this, “control-freakish” in many ways, I’d have to have all four Queens.

Three jokers, four Queens.

Four is my favorite number, followed by seven, so there’s another eight cards, for sure.

I think Jacks represent my (younger) husband, so I need one of those.  And I teach grades 8, 10, and 12, so I need all the 8s, 10s, and Queens (but I already have the Queens).

Aces are intimidating.  And lonely.  But I really do like my alone time–need to have it, actually, or I go crazy–so I should probably have one of those.  Maybe, uh, two.

Twos are sweet…gimme a couple of those.

So, out of 52+3(Jokers), I now have in my deck:

  • 3 Jokers
  • 4 Queens
  • 4 Fours
  • 4 Sevens
  • 1 Jack
  • 4 Eights
  • 4 Tens
  • 2 Aces
  • 2 Twos

That gives me twenty-eight cards; a bit over half.  Considering that I have lived perhaps a bit over half of my life (I can only hope), that seems about right.

Ask me again in another twenty years–I plan to have other cards added to my deck by then!